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Black Eye

A black eye, periorbital hematoma, or shiner, is bruising around the eye commonly due to an injury to the face rather than to the eye. The name is given due to the color of bruising. The so-called black eye is caused by bleeding beneath the skin and around the eye.


Apply warm compress  Popularity: 425  Effectiveness: 4.0  
Apply calandula  Popularity: 411  Effectiveness: 2.9  
Place cold potato over eye  Popularity: 354  Effectiveness: 3.2  
Place avocado under eye  Popularity: 354  Effectiveness: 2.5  
Eat or apply pineapple pulp  Popularity: 339  Effectiveness: 2.3  
Eat or apply papaya pulp  Popularity: 318  Effectiveness: 2.3  
Apply ice pack  Popularity: 305  Effectiveness: 5.0  
Apply witch hazel  Popularity: 303  Effectiveness: 2.8  
Take vitamin C  Popularity: 290  Effectiveness: 3.1  
Apply cucumber compress  Popularity: 283  Effectiveness: 3.1  
Place chamomile tea bag over eye  Popularity: 250  Effectiveness: 0.8  
Apply arnica gel  Popularity: 247  Effectiveness: 3.2  
Apply comfrey root paste  Popularity: 238  Effectiveness: 0.5  
Apply turmeric & tomato and lemon paste  Popularity: 228  Effectiveness: 2.1  
Massage with olive oil  Popularity: 224  Effectiveness: 1.6  

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