Remedy Details for care and relief of Anemia

Eat parsley for the care and relief of Anemia

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2.4 (25)
Effectiveness: 2.4  Popularity: 25

Why it works:
Parsley is great for treating anemia due to its high iron content.

How it works:
Dunk your parsley bunch in a bowl of cold water and swish it around to get rid of the dirt. Pat dry with paper towels. Shave the leaves off stems by using a sharp chef's knife. Chop the leaves, include in your dishes and enjoy.

Parsley might lower blood sugar levels. Use caution if you have blood sugar related conditions.

Do not take parsley if you have high blood pressure or kidney conditions

Stop taking parsley at least two weeks before surgery.


The self cure remedy of Eat parsley for the care and relief of Anemia has an effectiveness score of 2.4 and a popularity score of 25 on the self-cure system.