Remedy Details for care and relief of Muscle Cramp

Do massage for the care and relief of Muscle Cramp

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3.8 (67)
Effectiveness: 3.8  Popularity: 67

Why it works:
Massage relaxes contracted muscles.

How it works:
You can help a cramped muscle relax by contracting the opposing muscle group (e.g., contract your quads to help relax a cramp in your hamstrings). In addition, listed below are a few massage techniques that may be very helpful for muscle spasms. Depending on the location of the cramp, you may need someone else to help you with the massage. You may also wish to use massage oil to prevent from getting friction burn.

Kneading: Like you might knead lumps of flour out of bread dough, you find the trigger points and knead around it with your fingertips. Squeeze the muscle and loosen the fibers, kneading and rubbing so that the knot is eased out. You can often feel the muscle tissue relax and the knots lessen.

Effleurage: Use long strokes which glide along the back. Place your hands palm side down on the back and glide them up, putting pressure on your fingers so that they go into the different curvatures of the muscles. You are trying to get the tension spread out across the muscles, so keep your hands flat and spread them out evenly.

Friction: this involves rubbing the area of the muscle spasm across the top and helping to ease it out. Be careful not to rub the skin too hard to cause a friction burn.

The self cure remedy of Do massage for the care and relief of Muscle Cramp has an effectiveness score of 3.8 and a popularity score of 67 on the self-cure system.