Remedy Details for care and relief of Stroke

Do exercises for the care and relief of Stroke

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3.6 (10)
Effectiveness: 3.6  Popularity: 10

Why it works:
Get moderate amount of exercises regularly.

Work on repetition during exercises for stroke recovery. Repetition activates neuroplasticity, a mechanism that your brain uses to rewire itself after injury. It’s how neurons form new connections in the brain. These new connections help restore movement in the body (among numerous other functions). Each time you repeat an exercise, you strengthen the connections in the part of your brain that controls that movement.

How it works:
Start with two easy exercises to strengthen your core:
Trunk Twists: From a seated position, place your right hand on the outside of your left thigh. With your back straight, use your arm to help twist your torso to the left. (If you can’t move your right hand, then you can use your left hand to assist it.) Be sure to keep your spine straight and don’t twist to the point of pain. Repeat on each side 5 times.

Oblique Crunch: From a seated position, dip your left shoulder down towards your left hip. Then, return to an upright position by focusing on using your core to pull yourself up. (If you can’t fully complete this exercise yet, then you can use your arm to push yourself back up.) Repeat on each side 5 times.

The self cure remedy of Do exercises for the care and relief of Stroke has an effectiveness score of 3.6 and a popularity score of 10 on the self-cure system.