Remedy Details for the care and relief of Boil

Apply bread poultice

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Popularity: 86   Effectiveness: 2.6  

Bread poultice is very effective in drawing out boils from the skin.

Place a small pot of milk on the stove and heat. When the milk is warm (but is still at a temperature that can be comfortably applied to the skin without burning) remove the pan from the heat. Place a piece (or a few bite size pieces) of bread into a heat-proof bowl, and carefully pour the milk over the bread. Let the bread soften, gently combining the bread and milk until it reaches a paste consistency. Apply the bread & milk mixture directly to the boil and let it dry. Remove mixture. Repeat twice daily until the boil ruptures.

bread poultice

The self cure remedy of Apply bread poultice for the care and relief of Boil has a popularity score of 86 and effectiveness of 2.6 on the self-cure system.