Remedy Details for care and relief of Bruises

Apply arnica gel for the care and relief of Bruises

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3.0 (5)
Effectiveness: 3.0  Popularity: 5

Why it works:
Arnica contains active ingredients which aid a natural recovery process of the body. It makes bruises to heal faster, and swelling to reduce quicker. Its effectiveness might be due to chemical substances known as dihyrdo helenali and helenalin. These types of chemicals help to improve the defense tissues, destroy germs, slow down the activity of harmful chemicals that may affect tissues in the blood and as a result can cause inflammation.

How it works:
Apply arnica gel twice a day to the injured area twice a day if bruising has occurred due to minor accident or fall. It stimulates the circulation, relieve pain and ease swelling. Do not apply arnica to cut or broken skin.


The self cure remedy of Apply arnica gel for the care and relief of Bruises has an effectiveness score of 3.0 and a popularity score of 5 on the self-cure system.