Remedy Details for care and relief of Corn

Apply garlic for the care and relief of Corn

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2.6 (36)
Effectiveness: 2.6  Popularity: 36

Why it works:
Garlic has been known to work well for corn removal. A recent clinical trial has also proven that the application of garlic extract is effective in the removal of the corn tissue from the body.

How it works:
Peel one clove of garlic, then cut it in half. Use the cut side of one portion of garlic to gently rub the corn and coat the entire corn with natural garlic juices. Use a tape to affix the remaining fresh garlic half against the wart and allow it to remain overnight.


The self cure remedy of Apply garlic for the care and relief of Corn has an effectiveness score of 2.6 and a popularity score of 36 on the self-cure system.