Remedy Details for care and relief of Dandruff

Apply ginger for the care and relief of Dandruff

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2.2 (36)
Effectiveness: 2.2  Popularity: 36

Why it works:
Ginger is a natural antiseptic that kills the fungi that cause dandruff. It inhibits the growth of yeast, stopping flakes, itchiness, and dandruff before they happen. It also reduces inflammation of the scalp and promotes proper circulation which is essential to healthy scalp and hair.

How it works:
Peel and grate 1 tablespoon fresh ginger root. Mix with 1 tablespoon olive oil or jojoba oil. Massage gently into entire scalp for 5 minutes. Leave on 30 minutes or until you feel it warming your scalp. Wash hair with mild shampoo but do not use conditioner. Repeat 3 times weekly.


The self cure remedy of Apply ginger for the care and relief of Dandruff has an effectiveness score of 2.2 and a popularity score of 36 on the self-cure system.