Remedy Details for the care and relief of Earache

Apply moist heat

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Popularity: 81   Effectiveness: 3.5  

The greatest pain reliever is the presence of warm, moist heat around the ache. A warm compress - such as a towel rung out in hot water and pressed against the ear, brings immediate relief.

Wet a wash cloth or small towel with hot water. Use water that is as hot as you can stand it without burning your skin. Wring the cloth out before applying it to your ear. You may also fill a hot water bottle and wrap it in a cloth. Apply the warm compress to the affected ear. Also apply the warm compress to the throat and then soak your feet in hot water.

The self cure remedy of Apply moist heat for the care and relief of Earache has a popularity score of 81 and effectiveness of 3.5 on the self-cure system.