Remedy Details for care and relief of Hiccups

Drink cardamom tea for the care and relief of Hiccups

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Why it works:
Cardamom has a strong flavor, which works on the olfactory nerve and tends to stop the action of the diaphragm.

How it works:
Put a cardamom tea bag in boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes to get a strong tea. Let it cool down and drink it. If you are using cardamom pods: Boil a cup of water, and then add two cardomom pods into the boiling water. The pods should be squashed gently before adding them to the water so that they open up from one end. Leave the pods in the boiling water for 5 minutes, and then strain the tea into a mug. Drink this tea twice per day. Do not buy decorticated (meaning the tiny, fragrant seeds were removed from the pod) cardamom seeds or break open the pod ahead of time. The seeds will quickly lose their flavor after you break open the pod.

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