Remedy Details for care and relief of Hives

Drink cilantro for the care and relief of Hives

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Why it works:
Cilantro has anti-allergic properties which may ward off hives and other allergic reactions.

How it works:
Wash fresh cilantro, chop it into pieces, put it into blender, add 1/3 cup of water, and blend. Drink the juice and apply the pulp to the affected area.

Some people might experience food allergies after eating cilantro. There is one report of hives, facial swelling, and throat swelling in a man who ate cilantro. There is another report of severe diarrhea, stomach pain, darkened skin, depression, lapse of menstruation, and dehydration in a woman who took 200 mL of a 10% cilantro extract for 7 days.


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