Remedy Details for care and relief of Indigestion

Take coriander for the care and relief of Indigestion

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Why it works:
Coriander seeds are known for their antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve you from an upset stomach or indigestion, further stimulating your digestive process. Coriander consists of an essential oil called urandrol which increases appetite and cure indigestion.

How it works:
One or two teaspoons of coriander juice, added to fresh buttermilk, is highly beneficial in treating digestive disorders

Interal use of coriander seeds can cause the skin more sensitive to sun, which may increase sun burns and the risk of skin cancer. Coriander may lower blood sugar levels and can also decrease blood pressure. Stop using coriander at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Coriander can cause skin irritation and inflammation for some people when used externally.


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