Symptoms, remedies, treatments and care for Bedwetting


Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis in medical term, refers to the unintentional passage of urine during sleep for those who are old enough to control their bladder.

Bedwetting is common in children. Most children outgrow bedwetting without treatment. The exact cause of bedwetting is unknown, but it seems to run in families. Bedwetting usually goes away on its own and rarely is anything seriously wrong.


Eat walnuts and raisins
3.6 (79)
Effectiveness: 3.6  Popularity: 79  
Drink apple cider vinegar
2.2 (65)
Effectiveness: 2.2  Popularity: 65  
Massage abdomen with olive oil
3.4 (58)
Effectiveness: 3.4  Popularity: 58  
Drink cranberry juice
3.4 (45)
Effectiveness: 3.4  Popularity: 45  
Eat cinnamon
3.1 (23)
Effectiveness: 3.1  Popularity: 23  
Eat honey
2.6 (20)
Effectiveness: 2.6  Popularity: 20  
Take mustard seeds
1.6 (12)
Effectiveness: 1.6  Popularity: 12  
Do bladder exercises
3.0 (8)
Effectiveness: 3.0  Popularity: 8  
Take Indian gooseberry
Effectiveness: N/A  Popularity: 0  
Eat jaggery
Effectiveness: N/A  Popularity: 0  

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