Symptoms, remedies, treatments and care for Burns


A burn is damage to your body's tissues caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight or radiation. Scalds from hot liquids and steam, building fires and flammable liquids and gases are the most common causes of burns. Another kind is an inhalation injury, caused by breathing smoke.

Burns are usually classified into three primary types. First-degree burns damage only the outer layer of skin which causes redness, pain and minor swelling. Second-degree burns damage the outer layer and the layer underneath and it cause blisters, thickening of the skin and severe pain. Third-degree burns damage or destroy the deepest layer of skin and tissues underneath and it causes widespread thickness of the skin with a white, leathery appearance. With third degree burn, the damage is so extensive that sometimes there may not be very painful because of nerve damage.


Cool the skin  Popularity: 109  Effectiveness: 4.3  
Apply oatmeal  Popularity: 79  Effectiveness: 4.0  
Apply honey  Popularity: 71  Effectiveness: 3.5  
Apply aloe vera  Popularity: 67  Effectiveness: 3.6  
Apply ginger  Popularity: 67  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Apply onion juice  Popularity: 64  Effectiveness: 0.8  
Apply raw potato  Popularity: 63  Effectiveness: 3.8  
Apply milk  Popularity: 61  Effectiveness: 2.8  
Apply vitamin E oil  Popularity: 56  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Apply wet tea bags  Popularity: 47  Effectiveness: 4.2  
Apply apple cider vinegar  Popularity: 34  Effectiveness: 3.8  
Apply coconut oil  Popularity: 23  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Aloe vera & sandalwood and turmeric  Popularity: 0  Effectiveness: 0.0  
Apply lavender oil  Popularity: 0  Effectiveness: 0.0  
Apply calendula  Popularity: 0  Effectiveness: 0.0  
Apply plantain leave paste  Popularity: 0  Effectiveness: 0.0  

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