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Corns are small circles of hard, thickened skin that develop when the skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. Corns most often develop on the feet, especially on the tops and sides of the toes, soles of your feet and even between the toes. They can also develop on other body parts. The most common cause of corns on the feet is walking or running in ill-fitting shoes. Even standing for very long periods of time wearing tight shoes or high heels can cause corns. Other possible causes are walking without wearing shoes, wearing shoes without socks, and manual labor or taking part in sports activities that put pressure on the feet.


Apply white vinegar  Popularity: 109  Effectiveness: 3.2  
File with pumice stone  Popularity: 92  Effectiveness: 4.0  
Soak in apple cider vinegar  Popularity: 79  Effectiveness: 3.3  
Apply baking soda  Popularity: 73  Effectiveness: 3.1  
Apply vitamin E oil  Popularity: 56  Effectiveness: 3.2  
Soak in epsom salt solution  Popularity: 52  Effectiveness: 3.5  
Apply aloe vera  Popularity: 50  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Apply garlic  Popularity: 36  Effectiveness: 2.6  
Apply castor oil  Popularity: 19  Effectiveness: 2.0  
Apply turmeric  Popularity: 13  Effectiveness: 1.1  
Apply onion  Popularity: 7  Effectiveness: 2.7  
Apply lemon  Popularity: 2  Effectiveness: 3.5  
Apply papaya or pineapple  Popularity: 2  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Apply pineapple  Popularity: 1  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Apply calendula  Popularity: 1  Effectiveness: 2.0  
Apply turpentine oil  Popularity: 1  Effectiveness: 1.0  
Apply lemon and chamomile  Popularity: 0  Effectiveness: 0.0  

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