Remedies, treatments and care for Migraine


Headache is a pain arising from the head or upper neck of the body. The pain originates from the tissues and structures that surround the skull or the brain because the brain itself has no nerves that give rise to the sensation of pain (pain fibers). The thin layer of tissue (periosteum) that surrounds bones, muscles that encase the skull, sinuses, eyes, and ears, as well as thin tissues that cover the surface of the brain and spinal cord (meninges), arteries, veins, and nerves, all can become inflamed or irritated and cause headache. The pain may be a dull ache, sharp, throbbing, constant, intermittent, mild, or intense.


Take apple cider vinegar  Popularity: 286  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Inhale ginger steam  Popularity: 279  Effectiveness: 3.3  
Apply cinnamon paste  Popularity: 256  Effectiveness: 2.5  
Apply ginger paste to forehead  Popularity: 253  Effectiveness: 4.0  
Inhale eucalyptus steam  Popularity: 250  Effectiveness: 2.3  
Apply peppermint oil  Popularity: 217  Effectiveness: 3.3  
Massage with lavender oil  Popularity: 216  Effectiveness: 2.2  
Apply mint juice  Popularity: 205  Effectiveness: 2.8  
Rub rosemary oil  Popularity: 185  Effectiveness: 2.3  
Inhale clove oil  Popularity: 179  Effectiveness: 1.2  
Apply acupressure  Popularity: 174  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Massage with basil oil  Popularity: 172  Effectiveness: 2.4  
Drink ginger soup  Popularity: 119  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Apply ice pack  Popularity: 103  Effectiveness: 2.0  


Migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe. The headaches usually affect one half of the head, are pulsating in nature, and last from 2 to 72 hours. Associated symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, or smell. The pain is generally made worse by physical activity.


Drink cayenne pepper tea  Popularity: 356  Effectiveness: 2.9  
Eat apple  Popularity: 329  Effectiveness: 1.1  
Take apple cider vinegar  Popularity: 318  Effectiveness: 3.3  
Massage the forehead  Popularity: 271  Effectiveness: 1.6  
Inhale basil oil  Popularity: 249  Effectiveness: 2.6  
Drink coffee  Popularity: 229  Effectiveness: 0.5  
Apply ice pack compress  Popularity: 216  Effectiveness: 4.3  
Take ginkgo biloba supplement  Popularity: 211  Effectiveness: 1.8  
Take feverfew  Popularity: 198  Effectiveness: 2.1  
Apply lemon on forehead  Popularity: 176  Effectiveness: 2.1  
Rub henna oil on forehead  Popularity: 169  Effectiveness: 3.1  
Drink chamomile tea  Popularity: 160  Effectiveness: 3.7  
Drink peppermint tea  Popularity: 158  Effectiveness: 3.1  
Drink ginger tea  Popularity: 157  Effectiveness: 2.9  
Eat banana  Popularity: 102  Effectiveness: 3.3  
Eat magnesium-rich foods  Popularity: 86  Effectiveness: 0.9  
Apply acupressure  Popularity: 82  Effectiveness: 3.1  

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