Symptoms, remedies, treatments and care for Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain or stiffness can happen for a variety of reasons. Many people experience neck pain or stiffness occasionally. In many cases, it's due to poor posture or overuse. Sometimes, neck pain is caused by injury from a fall, contact sports, or whiplash.

Neck pain symptoms can vary widely. The pain may just be a mild nuisance, or it could be so excruciating that a person avoids any excessive movement.

Oftentimes neck pain is located in one spot and goes away on its own within a few days or weeks. But in some cases the pain becomes constant or radiates into other body parts, such as the shoulder and arms.


Take ginger or apply ginger  Popularity: 87  Effectiveness: 2.8  
Apply ice pack  Popularity: 83  Effectiveness: 3.9  
Apply warm compress  Popularity: 74  Effectiveness: 3.2  
Apply apple cider vinegar  Popularity: 73  Effectiveness: 3.4  
Take epsom salt bath  Popularity: 65  Effectiveness: 3.6  
Apply cayenne pepper  Popularity: 56  Effectiveness: 3.4  
Use hydrotherapy  Popularity: 34  Effectiveness: 3.8  
Do neck exercises  Popularity: 18  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Use neck traction device  Popularity: 17  Effectiveness: 4.4  
Massage with lavender oil  Popularity: 1  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Take turmeric  Popularity: 1  Effectiveness: 3.0  
Take blackstrap molasses  Popularity: 0  Effectiveness: 0.0  

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